di nicola stabilimento magazzino

The mission

Since 1928 Di Nicola manufacture high quality valves and electromechanical equipments . The family business was estabilished by Gennaro Di Nicola in small plant in San Giovanni Teatino, in Chieti, Italy. During the several years of activity Di Nicola company engineered an incredible quantity of different valves for industrial applications becoming leader in Potable water distribution, Irrigation ,Waterand waste water treatment , hydropower energy and Industrial applications, becoming a point of reference as supplier for the main companies involved in Italy and worldwide in such contracting.

The engineering and the high propension in problem solving is the main characteristic appreciated by our customer thanks to the propension to develop tailor made products able to match their needs with highest level control act to guarantee the highest standard of quality.

Our commitment

Today in Di Nicola Company are involved high experienced people in the new foundery technique for ferrous materials such as Cast Iron , Ductil Iron and their special alloys such as Ni Hard and Ni Resist , Cast steel and stailees steel alloys , Nichel alloys, Bronze and alluminium.

Qualified Welding inspectors IIW and IIS are able to guarrantee the respect of the quality parameters required by ISO and ASME standards in the new welding technologies including all destructive and non destructive tests on welded structures. The engineering department is costantly involved in reserching new solutions for new industrial productions following customers during plan developping by means of F.E.A. Prototipation softwares.

Di Nicola Export in several european and extraeuropean countries such as: Spain , Portugal, Germany, Austria, England, Lytuania, Greece, Malta , Cyprus, Serbya, Machedonia, Albania, Lybia, Egypt, Tunisia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Equador, Colombia, Huruguay, Brasil, Thailand and Taiwan.