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Since 1928 Di Nicola produces valves and electromechanical equipment of high quality. The activity, a family business, was undertaken by Gennaro Di Nicola in a small workshop near San Giovanni Teatino, in the province of Chieti, Italy. Over the 80 years the firm Di Nicola has engineered an incredible number of valves for industrial and hydraulic, becoming a leader in waterworks and hydroelectric, coating for various foreign companies the figure of a strategic supplier in systems of small, medium and large size. Today La Di Nicola employs technical part of the process of fusion of ferrous materials such as cast iron alloys, alloy steels, stainless steels, nickel alloys, bronze alloys and aluminum with thirty years of experience. Weldingg Inspectors qualified in welding processes certified according to internationally Statement ISO and ASME are able to ensure compliance with the quality parameters required by the most demanding customers.


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The engineering industry is constantly looking for new solutions in the design and creation of new industrial products by providing support to customers during the Plan developing using the most modern systems prototyping F.E.A.

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The engineering and the strong inclination toproblem solving has characterized the nature inventive company providing inevery occasion the best solution to the needs of its customers, developing new products, new techniques and controls to ensure the highest standard sofquality

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Today DiNicola Group exports 70% of its production to Europe and to other countries, such as Canada, Egypt, Uruguay, Honk Kong, Czech Republic, Jordan, Ghana, Nigeria, Cyprus and Malta.

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